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Hand made soap on a Soapie soap sack

The Soapie

The story on the Soapie is simple. Too much soap...too little time! After cleaning up the bathroom time and time again after our many little ones, we realized there must be a solution to the tiny soap pieces that were constantly creating "gook" in the soap holder, and "goo" in the drain. The solution: the Soapie!

What started out as a simple solution turned into a journey. Not on a road, but on a conversation with many others who all agreed. Each one expressed agreement about the ooey, gooey, soap pieces that seem to have thrones in all of our bathrooms. To cheap to throw away, yet too yuck to touch.

The Soapie is an eco-friendly way to exfoliate naturally, without the use of the plastic loofa, and at the same time, keep the bathroom free of bars of soap. The Soapie acts as a bar of soap, and washcloth in one. So no more unsightly soap, and no more soggy washcloths! For this reason we recommend getting one for each family member. The only thing required...a hook for everyone! So, from our home to yours, the Soapie!

Genevieve & Theodore LLC

Genevieve & Theodore

Because we were founded by a couple who loved each other more than they loved their business, we have been able to pass that love on to our customers. If we do not love it, we do not sell it! It's a love-love kind of relationship.

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